The trip to Chernobyl is a life-changing experience for most tourists. However, you have to understand that for lengthy periods of time you will be in a zone that was affected by a serious nuclear accident and therefore, it is necessary for you to adhere to some special rules and guidelines. You may only visit the Chernobyl zone if you have been granted special permission by the official Chernobyl zone administrators. You cannot visit Chernobyl without this permission and to obtain this you do need our professional services in organising your visit either in a group tour or a private tour (just you/your party).

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Our tour itinerary is professionally tailored for each group. Tours do not always stick to the same routes as everything depends on the group members; their pace and preferences.

Please note, some travel agencies give you unrealistic expectations that they are unable to meet because of the time available, however, they will sell it to you. At Chernobyl Trips we always adhere to the itinerary unless there is an unexpected change, made without notice by the Chernobyl zone administrators.

The exact itinerary of each tour can be found by clicking on the tour details.


Wear clothes and shoes that fully cover the body, head, hands and feet

Comply with the radiation safety rules and health and safety regulations

Strictly observe all the state guide’s instructions

Use approved routes only

Follow the personal hygiene rules

During the visit to the Chernobyl exclusion zone you MUST NOT:

  1. Carry weapons

  2. Drink alcohol or take drugs

  3. Eat or smoke outside

  4. Touch any structures or vegetation

  5. Sit or place photographic or video equipment on the ground

  6. Take any items out of the zone

  7. Violate the dress code

  8. Stay in the zone without the state guide

  9. Gather, use or take any vegetable and/or cattle feed products cultivated in the exclusion zone, except specimens for scientific purposes out of the Chernobyl exclusion zone

  10. Bring in or take out any animals from the Chernobyl exclusion zone

  11. Drink water from any wells, rivers or other open water sources. You are only allowed to use the water from Chernobyl’s water supply system, or bottled water from stores.

Photography and filming on the designated route shall be subject to authorisation of the envoy officer.

Upon leaving the Chernobyl exclusion zone it is necessary to:

  • Pass compulsory radiation control of clothes, footwear, personal items

  • Pass compulsory radiation control of transport.

If contamination exceeds the established control levels; personal clothes, footwear, and other items are subject to decontamination.

And be the first who knows about the hot deals from us!


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